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Dr. Savoy is a licensed doctoral-level psychologist with over 15 years experience helping people with a wide range of emotional and life issues. 

She has helped clients to resolve problems; cope with life transitions, stress, and change; and gain self-awareness and acceptance in achieving personal goals. Her areas of special interest include working with older adolescents and adult clients facing issues with identity development, lesbian, gay, bisexual issues, gender-variant and transgender issues, relationships, trauma, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and body image concerns, weight management, and school/work-life balance issues. 

She works with clients to collaboratively identify concerns and establish goals that will help enhance relationships, increase self-acceptance and confidence, improve coping skills, and manage sources of anxiety/stress. She believes that people are generally very resilient and have a great capacity for healing and change.

In addition to counseling services, Dr. Savoy also provides outreach, training and consultation on LGBT issues in counseling, healthcare, schools and universities, and other organizational settings.

Dr. Savoy previously worked as a staff psychologist at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Counseling Center before transitioning into private practice in Charlotte. In addition to counseling students, she coordinated the Outreach and Career Counseling Services of the Counseling Center.

Dr. Savoy earned her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She completed her predoctoral internship in the University of Illinois-Chicago Psychiatry Department, with a concentration in Women’s Mental Health. Her office is conveniently located in the Southpark area.